Apollo Leaf

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Apollo is a super alpha variety that is a descendent of Zeus hops and was first cultivated in 2000. Its monstrous alpha acid percentage (15-19%) makes it a popular bittering hop for big IPAs. It is dank with resinous aromas and flavors, but also offers some nice bright citrus elements. Originally it was only used as a bittering hop, but has found a recent resurgence as a dual purpose hop. Apollo has excellent storage stability.
Alpha: 15.0 – 19.0 %; Beta: 5.5–8.0%; CoH: 24–28%; Oil: 1.50 – 2.50 ml/100g; Myrcene 30-55%; Humulene 20–35%; Farnesene < 1.0%; Linalool .20 - 4.0%
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