2024 Homebrew Competition Sign up

2024 Homebrew Competition Sign up

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Mark your calendars for a hoppy revolution at this year's homebrew competition on April 20th, 2024, featuring the best in hybrid-style IPAs!

Sign up here or in person at Amazing Grains Homebrew Supply.

This competition will be held at Broomtail Craft Brewery located at 6404 Amsterdam Way, Wilmington NC 28405

The judges panel will be set up in the event room.

Hybrid IPA Examples:

  1. New England IPA (NEIPA): Known for its hazy appearance and juicy, fruity hop flavors.

  2. Black IPA: Combines the roasted malt character of a stout or porter with the hop-forwardness of an IPA.

  3. Belgian IPA: Melds the fruity and spicy notes of Belgian yeast with the hop bitterness of an IPA.

  4. White IPA: Infuses the spices typically found in Belgian Witbiers with the hoppy profile of an IPA.

  5. Milkshake IPA: Often brewed with lactose for a creamy mouthfeel and fruit additions for sweetness.

  6. Double or Triple IPA (DIPA/TIPA): Amplifies the hop intensity and alcohol content of a traditional IPA.

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