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Brewmaster Tap Handle with customizable inserts

Brewmaster Tap Handle with customizable inserts

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The Brewmaster tap handle is designed to work with the full lineup of Brewmaster recipe kits. Not using a Brewmaster kit? No problem! Each new tap handle also comes with the back of the tap handle as a chalkboard surface. Additionally, the back of the tap handle features a chalkboard surface that can be written on as well, which is handy and cool if your tap handle is seen from both sides.The tap handle also includes multiple inserts with different writing surfaces, including reusable chalkboard and white board finishes.

Tap Board Features:

  • Designed to work with Brewmaster recipe kits
  • Includes removable inserts with different writing surfaces
  • Back of tap handle also serves as chalkboard surface
  • Dimensions: 7.25" H x 2.25" W x 0.75" D

Note: You might need to use a bonnet angler if you converted an upright refrigerator.  Bonnet anglers allow longer tap handles to sit in a more vertical position so they do not angle back and hit the refrigerator door or wall.  

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